Things To Expect from London Tour Guide

Private guided tours are rewarding. You cannot compare them with large group tours or the one you embarked on your own.

Private tour means hiring for solo or family travelling together. Private London tour guide is beneficial in your exploration.

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What to expect from private tour guide? Tips by

Loud & clear communication

An excited tour guide offers to provide you great trip experience. Their language is good or fluent, communication is clear and loud. This ensures that you will not miss any crucial detail. Tourist will not struggle to listen to what the guide is sharing.


For tourists the trip is a relaxed affair. However for the tour guide it is a professional career. It means they need to be polite with tourists and punctual. They need to be responsible, attentive, and courteous. A good guide creates an optimistic rapport with tourists, which can be experienced in smallest details, while travelling together.

Good pacing

Traveling to a destination is for fun and even to learn. Tour guide makes this happen. Narration, walking, and talking about the site needs to be paced well. He should never rush you nor be too slow in providing services you hired him for.

Information accuracy

Tour guide needs to hold good knowledge of the place you are visiting. Some tourists are interested in gaining in-depth knowledge about the attraction. He must not offer inaccurate info to cover his deficit. Make sure to look for the tour guides with years of experience because they are knowledgeable and reliable to share correct information about the area.

Audience engagement

Tour guide needs to be skilled enough to engage his customers and not just feed information. He needs to facilitate learning by encouraging conversation and exhibiting keenness in tourists.

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